Bexi Bape

Bexi Bape’s riveting new album “With Love, Queen B”

Her album is now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming platforms!

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Just American News is today sharing artist Bexi Bape’s new album titled With Love, Queen B. We got a special sneak peek into the album (or shall we say sneak listen!) and were mesmerized by its distinct tonality. The album comprises tracks titled Flowers, Really Cute, ALLSTAR and many more riveting numbers. Flowers is a smooth track with evocative vocals of Bexi alluring us totally to take this stunning musical journey. Her voice is surreal and certainly cajoles us! Another marvelous number from the album is ALLSTAR. With refreshing melodic tones and exquisite vibe the single showcases the splendid creativity ingrained in Bexi’s music! The dreamy sensation is sprinkled across the album which is an unconventional element of the album.

Creative, bold and enigmatic, the album With Love, Queen B is a refreshing yet innovative addition in the world of music. And therefore Just American News highly recommends this album!

About the artist: Bexi Bape is a pop singer/songwriter with a subtle sexy edge. Extremely versatile, she glides easily into the R&B & rap scene. Based in South Carolina, she has resided in Orlando, Florida & Denver, Colorado. As a middle & high school student, she began learning instruments, such as the piano, flute and guitar, but it was singing that ignited her passion. After completing her education, she started hanging out with musician friends, who invited her into the studio to record a demo single in 2020. Inspired by names such as Amy Winehouse, Selena, Erykah Badu and Britney Spears to name a few. She was motivated by their cool and confident personas and unique vocal tones. In 2021, Bexi released her debut EP, “Tattoos & Trust issues,” a 5-track EP with songs such as (“Can’t Play Me, Know You Like That, and Hey Daddy,”) the EP showcases her talent as an authentic songwriter. 

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