Exclusive: Artist Farbod Masoudvaziri aka Alextoolex is all set to release his new track on 28th of August!

We got a special sneak peek into this stunning single!

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Just American News is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about EDM producer Farbod Masoudvaziri who is also known as Alextoolex in the world of music. Known for his multidisciplinary expertise in various fields, the artist recently announced the release date of his new single. According to our sources, the artist will be releasing the single on 28th of August. Albeit, we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into his mesmerizing track. With exquisite intro and cascading beats, the single captivates us right through the start itself. Add to that the sublime arrangement and reverberating bass that is quite unconventional. In fact, the tonality is so vibrant that you would listen to this track on a loop-mode.

Overall, Alextoolex cajoled us with a refreshing tonality that he has ingrained in the single. Despite it being EDM Big Room Electro track he has sprinkled his unique melodic tones at subsequent stages that creates a unique musical experience for listeners. And therefore, Just American News highly recommends this single.

About the artist: Author and Musician Alextoolex began his love affair with the arts two decades ago when he started writing at just 15 years old. He discovered that his prose touched an inner part of his being, and he spent many years developing as an unknown ghostwriter. About ten years ago, he extended his creative spirit by producing music on the piano and guitar to continue exploring his artistic expression. Now, Alextoolex has decided to write and produce under his own name to actualize his talents further, working hard to reach his current level of success. He must be doing something right because his 1.5 million Instagram followers have launched his popularity into the stratosphere. Alextoolex enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and working out at the gym when he’s not writing or producing music. He was born in Tehran, Iran, and raised in Dubai, UAE. He graduated from Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. He currently lives in Thailand, where his creativity thrives.

For updates about the single and booking him for a show contact him on his official social media account:


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