Featured: Artist Necosso’s scintillating track “Set Me Free”

The single is now streaming on major music streaming services including Spotify.

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Just American News is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Necosso. Known for his stunning music the artist is back with another riveting track titled Set Me Free. We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into his new track and were mesmerized by its dynamic tonality. The intro is sublime with intriguing sound patches. The cascading rhythm is a wonderful creative asset ingrained systematically in the track. Albeit, Necosso’s conscious crafting of enigmatic synth sounds is quite audible throughout the entirety of the single. Be it the surreal melodic tones or variable yet captivating transitions, Set Me Free is a brilliant musical journey that is a rarity in the musical realm these days.

Overall, the surreal vibes in Set Me Free are totally cajoling and showcases the spectacular artistry of Necosso. And therefore Just American News highly recommends this track.

It is now streaming on major music streaming services including Spotify.

About the artist: Michael Necosso (born August 23, 1984) is a musician artist, digital content creator and entrepreneur based in Switzerland. He started his music career in 2022, determined to introduce his own songs to the best clubs in the world, creating background music for the presentation of his own business ventures. Necosso started his adventure with music in 1999, performing the first remixes and recording DJ sets, of the most popular songs at the time. In the meantime, he continued his passion for music as a hobby, creating songs using more and more modern tools. A lover of music and creating club sets. A talented artist who conquers the club scene by presenting his music.

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