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Investments, Technology, and Marketing: Ermal Kopani’s opinion on the future

"The most important trend for the next few years will certainly be the Metaverse, which according to Mckinsey's estimates, should reach a value of over 5 trillion dollars by 2030." - Ermal Kopani.

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The world of investments, in particular that of technology and marketing, in recent years, are merging into one great digital revolution.

Whoever is ready to reap the great benefits will have a key role in the society of tomorrow. Ermal Kopani, a young entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of KTS Finance, to whom we have decided to dedicate today’s interview, knows it well.

Hello Ermal, point-blank question: who are you, and what do you do for a living?

Hello everyone, my name is Ermal Kopani, and by profession, I am an entrepreneur. I have been working in the financial sector for 5 years, and before entering this world, I had the opportunity to go deep into the marketing sector.

Like any investor, I am very attentive to new technologies that can make people’s lives better and consequently be clever investments.

How does marketing influence our lives, and above all, how can it be exploited in the investment world?

Combining the web and the world of investments has never been too easy, but I must say that in recent years there have been many changes (for the better) that have brought more and more useful information to investors.

Today, it is easy to get information about anything, but you must always check the sources and make sure that they are truthful and useful; for this reason, it is significant to always look for highly qualified people, even online.

Recently, new technologies have completely revolutionized the world. The Metaverse is a striking example of this, although perhaps many have not yet fully understood what it is. Can you explain it to us?

In the last decades, the internet and social networks have changed everything. For some years there have been new payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies, which have had great success among users, leading to an adoption similar to that of the early years of the internet.

Web 3.0 with the Metaverse is seen as the natural evolution of the internet, and I believe that in the next 5 years, we will see significant changes that will further transform our lives. Progress is inevitable; hope the nostalgic and conservative won’t hold it against me , but these new technologies are here to stay, so it will be critical to understand and use them correctly.

Information is everywhere and easily accessible to all, and this will speed up this process a lot.

Let’s talk about business. If you had to bet on a new phenomenon that is still unexplored but with excellent chances of changing the world, where would you look at?

As mentioned before, the most important trend for the next few years will certainly be the Metaverse, which according to Mckinsey’s estimates, should reach a value of over 5 trillion dollars by 2030.

This is certainly one of the most interesting sectors at the moment. not only as a possible investment but also for new jobs that will derive from it, leading the pioneers to occupy crucial roles in this new ‘dimension’.

We are in a complicated historical moment. Can you give some advice to those who want to invest some savings? Or maybe this is not the right time?

The period we are facing is tough for many realities but as always happens in these cases. other realities are making room, and I believe that these new opportunities can bring excellent profits to those who will be able to make the right choices.

If, on the other hand, we talk about some savings, I believe that the choices should be considered and discussed with companies like ours. We do nothing but search among the various opportunities for the best one for the small investor.

We thank Ermal for the answers he gave us today. We believe that between the lines, there are many interesting ideas to interpret the new world that is taking shape before our eyes. It is up to us now to seize them and do everything to make the most of them.

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