Review: Tuskhead’s new single “Time To Go Home”

The single is currently streaming on Spotify.

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Just American News is today featuring Tuskhead’s new single Time To Go Home. It is part of his upcoming album Change of Shape. According to our sources, the album is set to release on the 27th of May! The intro in Time To Go Home has exquisite vocals of Tuskhead invigorating us right away from the start. The scintillating guitars evoke an exotic vibe that definitely reminds us of a different era. The wordplay is executed in a splendid manner along with a fascinating vocal texture that coaxes us into this distinct musical journey. Tuskhead definitely displays a sublime yet tasteful arrangement in the single. In reality, it seems by releasing a song like Time To Go Home the artist offers and effectuates a unique euphony. And thus music lovers will have to wait until the album is released to experience a full-on panoramic sonic variety that will be ingrained in almost every other song.

The single is currently streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services: www.songwhip.com/tuskhead/time-to-go-home

About the artist: Tuskhead aka Patrick van Zandwijkis is an alternative country/americana singer from the Netherlands.

For more details visit: www.tuskhead.com/

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