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Manhattan Book Group Lets You Make Your Mark

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Manhattan Book Group publisher has been making waves in the market for its dedication to helping authors share their personal stories with a broader audience. As a boutique publisher focused solely on memoirs and life stories, they provide an unmatched level of personal attention and quality. Need to publish your memoir? Let’s look at the Manhattan Book Group review first. Here’s why:

You’re Not Just Another Book to Them

At Manhattan Book Group, you and your story matter. From the moment you inquire, you’ll work directly with a publishing expert who will learn all about your project and provide tailored guidance.

Other publishers may hand you off to different departments and freelancers, but Manhattan Book Group gives you a consistent point of contact who profoundly understands your goals. They won’t treat you like just another manuscript submission.

Your Story Will Get the VIP Treatment

The Manhattan Book Group staff recognizes that your memoir is critical and personal. That’s why every memoir accepted for publishing gets the VIP treatment. An editor will work closely with you to shape your life story into its best possible form.

A professional book designer will craft stunning visuals to complement your words. You’ll have input at each stage to ensure the end product reflects your vision.

Top Notch Distribution and Marketing Support

Once your memoir is polished and printed, Manhattan Book Group takes over to get your book into readers’ hands. Their distribution team will place your title in bookstores and online retailers worldwide.

While you handle fun marketing events like local book readings, their marketing staff will promote your title through their channels. For a boutique publisher, their distribution reach is impressive.

Keep the Rights to Your Story

Unlike some publishers, Manhattan Book Group allows you to retain rights to your intellectual property. You can adapt your memoir into films, audiobooks, and foreign translations. Your story belongs to you.

Royalties, Your Way

This Manhattan Book Group review reveals that it offers flexible royalty options to give you maximum control over profiting from your memoir. Whether you want higher royalties or lower upfront costs, their packages can accommodate your needs. And if your book is a bestseller, there’s no cap on the royalties you can earn.

Manhattan Book Group Lets You Make Your Mark

This publisher gives you free copies when your memoir comes out. You get to hold your memoir as a beautiful book. Many writers say getting their first printed book is a fantastic memory. It makes all the writing and editing worth it. With this publisher, you keep excellent copies forever.

You can pass down your book to your future family. Your story lives on in print. Kids and grandkids can read it. Manhattan Book Group helps you make a lasting book about your life.


If sharing your personal story with readers worldwide appeals to you, Manhattan Book Group offers an ideal publishing home. And the above review proves that!

Their combination of expertise, passion, and author-centric service is unmatched. Don’t trust your memoir to any publisher – entrust it to the boutique publisher who will treat you and your story like a VIP.

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