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Breaking Boundaries: Spenser Olson Wants More from His Music

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Stepping onto the stage with a revolutionary fusion of gospel and mainstream pop, Spenser Olson brings us his latest release All Those Lies that’s sure to captivate listeners of both realms. His new single, featuring the artist/songwriter Allen Corrigan, artfully challenges the confines of Christian music while providing a groove-laden and uplifting narrative. Inspired by the turmoil of confronting negativity and deception, Spenser skillfully weaves personal experiences into an audial tapestry, offering solace and strength to listeners.

The poignant lyrics of his new release seem to resonate deeply with listeners. Lines like “You can go ahead and lie, Trying bring me to a false reality, Every word is like a dagger, Making me think that I don’t matter” unravel a narrative of confronting deception and negative self-perception. These raw, unfiltered words mirror the daily struggle of individuals grappling with self-doubt and negativity. Spenser expertly weaves his lyrical prowess into the vibrant pop soundscape, providing not only an entertaining musical experience but also a therapeutic and empowering journey for his listeners.

This isn’t just music, it’s a soulful conversation that aims to tear down the barriers between genres and unite us all in the shared language of rhythm and resilience.

The single is now streaming on Spotify!

About the artist: Spenser Olson is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Known for bringing new life to pop music, blurring the lines between genres, and his thought provoking lyrics. Olson’s first release dates back to 2013. He later released his first full length album (Your Love for Us) in mid 2016, which has since been heard in over 70 countries. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Spenser started leading and writing music at his local church at the young age of twelve years old. Spenser has continued to push the boundaries, regardless of his age, and perform on high levels.

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