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Brooklyn’s Own X22 SOUND Recording Artist; Adam Alyan Talks New Single ‘In Person’

"The song's about missing someone and being distant." - Adam Alyan.

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Just American News got a chance to interview Artist Adam Alyan in regard to his upcoming single In Person. We got insights into his source of inspiration, his upcoming projects and much more!

Q. Welcome to Just American News! How are you doing?

Adam Alyan: I’m doing just well! Very excited about some upcoming projects for the fans. I’m blessed!

Q. Your new single “In Person” will be released soon! Please tell us about your amazing new single.

Adam Alyan: My new single “In Person” was a song I have had for a few months now. I was waiting for the beat to clear and I had to rewrite this one multiple times. The song’s about missing someone and being distant. The lyrics sing “baby I’ll wait” and the sample was so fitting! This song is for anyone that’s in love but missing their other half. It’s about staying loyal, and working things out.

Q. What inspired you to write this single? And where exactly did you record it?

Adam Alyan: The writing came from my own personal relationship at the time. I was in a different state and so tired of being alone. That’s why I say “We’ve spent lotta break times on that FaceTime”. I wrote and recorded this single in a hotel room in Dallas, TX.

Q. Please take us through the creative process that you followed while you were working on this single.

Adam Alyan: Honestly creating is the fun and easy part. The promoting, marketing, art, and branding is a little more difficult in terms of coming up with proper visuals. There’s times I have the vision early and other times it comes after the record is finished. Then it’s time to hop into press and promo.

Q. What’s next? Which projects are you working on now?

Adam Alyan: I can’t give too much away, but I have an album coming along with a special film project for VEVO. I am also rehearsing for a few live sets and we are shooting a lot of potential material.

Q. Lastly, as we ask all our guests on Just American News. Do you have any closing thoughts or ideas that you would like to share with our readers and the world out there?

Adam Alyan: I wanna say THANK YOU to all the supporters and anyone who has ever believed in me! The DM’s and texts that come in keep me motivated and help me know that I am truly living in my purpose. I’m not where I wanna be yet, but I’m exactly where I need to be at this moment in particular.

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