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Dead Summer EP Review

Dead Hendrix is driven by the desire to share music and message with others, not fame or fortune.

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The “Dead Summer” EP by Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix is an explosive and sincere conceptual album about the symbolic death of summer amid the COVID lockdown and the loss of loved ones due to the virus and drug abuse. The EP offers relatable songwriting, infectious hooks, and outstanding musicianship. The album also collaborates with renowned producers such as burgeoning producers IOF (Future, Paris Shadows), Yago Beats, SPLASHGVNG (Lil Peep, Sewerperson), and Imani Beats.

The duo uses this album to exemplify the power of music in storytelling and the creative use of lyrics and sounds to tell a story and evoke emotions. The project’s raw emotions are showcased in tracks like “Alone” and “Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better.” This EP is also a sound-driven and emotionally infused journey through the summer of COVID.

Purchase and stream the EP here, and discover more about Dead Hendrix and Levi Zadoff on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts.

About Levi Zadoff

Levi Zadoff is a multi-talented artist and musician set to revolutionize the music industry. Zadoff draws his inspiration from various life experiences, including living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Pacific Northwest. Levi values artistic freedom and views music as a powerful communication tool. His music is driven by metaphors, unique melodies, and lyrical puns, and he is not afraid of experimenting with psychedelic samples to create a distinct sound. Levi wants to make new sounds by mixing elements of pop, punk, rock, & his alter ego, and Boy Misery is the driving force behind his creative vision. This artist has headlined several events in Los Angeles and San Francisco and has amassed a loyal fanbase of over 32k followers. And during the Soundcloud rap era, he had over 10 million streams.

Levi Zadoff is a force to be reckoned with within the music industry, and his ambition and enthusiasm will take him forward in the future.

About Dead Hendrix

Gavin Kratt, or Dead Hendrix, is a twenty-year-old punk/rap artist from Centretown “CT” in Ottawa, Canada. With his music career that spans over a decade, Dead Hendrix composes true-to-life music that covers topics such as heartbreak, drug abuse, trauma, and insecurity. His original and distinctive style has won him a huge fan base in Ottawa, and his listeners recognize him as the only artist with an alluring and enticing signature sound.

Dead Hendrix is driven by the desire to share music and message with others, not fame or fortune.

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