Devin Millar

Devin Millar Has Been Declared “The Rebel of Pop Music” 

A 22-year-old powerhouse who creates his own animated music videos to go with the 90s-sounding Electronic dance music he creates.

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When it comes to Pop and Dance music, we all know what it sounds like. A lot of songs we may hear sound the same. Well that is not the case for this man. He is from the city of Vancouver in the state of Washington, born April 6, 2000, and has been topping the music charts and is famous on social media. He is already known by many people around the world. He‘s also been catching the attention of many radio stations and YouTubers from all over. You yourself probably noticed him at one point. 

His name is Devin Todd Millar. A 22-year-old powerhouse who creates his own animated music videos to go with the 90s-sounding Electronic dance music he creates. He has been bringing back the early-90s style of animation style, as well as the Hands-Up sounds of 2000s. All in the breath of a modern EDM singer and producer. 

He also has a taste in wearing childlike clothing, as well as being girly and feminine. This is his trademark. His mission is to use his style to send the message of showing the concept of cross-dressing and removing social norms regarding gender and race to promote confidence and acceptance in the many people who live in a society where it is not common. He hopes that by doing this, that this idea will become normalized in the near future.

He is entirely self-taught. Though he doesn’t talk about his personal life, and often keeps it private, he took piano lessons at the age of 6 at a local piano teacher, and then art classes at the age of 10 at a local art school. Though he has done these classes, he has has been more influenced by his own free time. He self taught himself to animate and create melodies by learning what keys popular songs are in. He performs at events and clubs, which he started doing at the age of 13. At that age, he joined Voodoo Doughnuts, who own a record label titled Voodoo Doughnut Recordings. They hired him to do 2 solo albums. His debut EP was titled I’m A Celebrity, a single titled “#ALIVE”, his debut album “Delinquents”, and a single “Fedora”. His music was more influenced by popular Trap songs and EDM beats at the time, and he was more of a DJ who casually performed at events hosted by Voodoo at some of their doughnut shop locations. This lasted from 2015-2017. He also released a single titled “Adolesence” which was released under Portland-based record label Cavity Search Records. It was featured in a scene on a Hulu-based drama comedy series Shut Eye. This has got some minor recognition. 

After taking a 3 year hiatus, in 2020 he has shifted his act and aesthetic from being an EDM DJ, to being a Pop singer. He still produces music, but now does it in a similar vein to Dance music from 90s and 2000s. These styles include Eurodance and Hands Up music. He has admitted that he got his inspiration from watching music videos and hearing the music YouTube, which he has become emotionally attached to. He also crossdresses in order to introduce it more into modern day society. Devin believes that crossdressing it is often ignored, obscured, and even condemned by the media, and that it deserves to be more normalized. Devin does not follow social norms and believes people should reconsider the social customs of our modern day culture. Especially regarding the norms involving gender and race. He is all about promoting true equality and fully ending racism and sending out the message to truly be yourself, and that you will be judged no matter what you do anyway. He promotes this message in his music and animated videos.

He has some songs named “Unite” “Hoody” and “BFD” to name a few. Those have been popular on social media and the charts all over the world, and have been referenced and memed. 

He lives in Yacolt. Just a couple miles from Portland, Oregon with his family. Though Devin prefers to keep his personal life a secret, his family does own a giant property with many things happening on it. He has a sister, who’s 17 also does art and animation just like him, and is famous on social media on her own for it. Her work also inspired Devin to create animations and artwork.

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