Odd Arne Jacobsen

Echoes from the Fjords: The Alluring Instrumentals of a Norwegian Maestro Odd-Arne Jacobsen!

This immersive tracks narrative are not to be missed. A true testament to his artistry!

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Norwegian guitarist and songwriter Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s newly minted EP Admission is an evocative exploration of European improvisation music. The two standout guitar tracks illustrate his unmistakable tone language, reflecting a personal “voice” that is exceptional and invigorating. His skill in maneuvering through complex melodies mirrors his extensive experience in Norway’s theatre and music scenes. Each track unfolds a captivating sonic journey, demonstrating his talent for deeply connecting with his audience. Having worked with leading artists internationally, the new releases Blue and yellow and Second story reinforces his position as an influential figure in the world of music. This immersive, instrumental narrative is not to be missed. A true testament to his artistry!

Blue and yellow is nothing short of aural enchantment. It stands as a testament to his innate ability to mold and shape sound into forms that are as stunning as they are alluring. Whereas Second story reverberates with a delicate complexity, its intricate melodies weaving an audacious soundscape that leaves the listener spellbound. Both the tracks are a sonorous journey through exquisite chord progressions, a brilliant demonstration of his unique style. Each note speaks volumes, revealing a narrative that is as deeply emotional as it is impeccably crafted. These pieces are not just music, but sonic artistry, further solidifying the artist’s place in the annals of European improvisation music.

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