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Exclusive: Devin Millar’s new single “BFD”

The official animated video of the song is now streaming on YouTube!

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Just American News is today featuring artist Devin Millar’s new single. It is titled BFD and is a stunning song with scintillating beats. The intro is catchy with riveting sublimeness. The alluring aspect of the single lies in its cascading rhythm that blends well with its amazing arrangement. The upbeat vibe is another vital asset of the song that reverberates for a longtime after one stops listening to the single. The peppiness of Devin’s vocals and the nuances of the compositions are definitely not traditional in the musical realm. The single is structurally well arranged to aptly convey the distinct lyricism and subdued tonality.

The song is gaining a lot of traction and it seems music lovers might be listening to this song on a loop-mode!

Also, the single introduces unique cartoon characters named Eli and Joko. Do check out the official animated video of the song which is now streaming on YouTube for more details about these characters. The animation in the video is just surreal with brilliant details that are breathtaking too.

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