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Featured: Artist Ayne Vapel’s mesmerizing single titled ‘We Should Stay’

Ayne Vapel has a knack for consciously generating deep emotions through his stunning melody-making proficiency.

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Just American News is today featuring Ayne Vapel’s latest single titled We Should Stay. We recently had a special sneak peek into this single (or shall we say sneak listen!) and were amazed by the sheer enigma ingrained in it. The intro is subtle yet creates an intriguing vibe. The arrangement that follows has a non-dual mode of tonality, quite an act to execute. The beats intermingle in a sleazy manner, creating a phenomenal vibe. Adding a harmonic synth does a marvelous job of evoking euphoric emotions. What is more mesmerizing is the syncopated arpeggios that are layered in the middle section. This shows the true mastery of Ayne Vapel. Blending genres is not an easy task, but Ayne does it with finesse not heard in a long time in the musical realm. Ayne Vapel has a knack for consciously generating deep emotions through his stunning melody-making proficiency. The vocals are smooth yet catchy, invigorating the listener. Truly, the balanced mix made us listen to this song on loop mode. Ayne takes us on an unconventional journey, yet the bright sunshine of his melody lingers in our minds, making us enjoy life unlike anything else. The title We Should Stay suggests a call, a cry, or an invitation to embark on a soul-based journey. His sonic transitions are smooth and captivate the heart and mind alike. 

Compared to Missin’ You, another hit by Ayne, he seems to have taken a conscious musical journey upward with We Should Stay. The tonality has changed, the surreal element is sprinkled, and thus a smoother yet catchy tune is experienced in We Should Stay. Missin’ You was in a different realm, albeit Ayne Vapel’s own musical realm, but being adept at composing multi-genre tracks, he takes a different approach. This also attests to the fact that he is an artist and rather an avant-garde sound creator!

Sometimes offbeat electronic music is not everyone’s cup of coffee (or cup of tea!), but the soundscapes Ayne creates certainly fall in that category, thus pushing boundaries of music and opening the way for numerous other artists to create experimental yet soulful music. Finally, it’s worth noting that genre-blending demands expertise not just in melody and beats, but particularly in transitions and overlaying musical elements. Ayne Vapel consistently demonstrates mastery in these aspects, setting a benchmark for other artists to follow. The fusing of various musical styles to craft innovative compositions that push the boundaries of conventional genres is his powerful domain. Sonic structure in We Should Stay is vital, shaping the auditory experience, guiding emotions, and defining the overall impact. However, his signature sound and style are quite audible in all his tracks too. It is not easy to execute what he does, but listening to his music on loop mode will get you his signature sound and enable you to embark on a superb sonic journey.

We highly recommend Ayne Vapel’s music, now streaming on Spotify. We Should Stay has also been added to our official playlist on Spotify.

About the artist: Ayne Vapel is a 30 year old Producer, DJ, and Artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a multi-genre Producer specializing in all sub-genres of House, Pop, Melodic, and Future Bass. He’s on a mission to push forward the boundaries of electronic music, armed with a freshly crafted sound aimed towards the international crowd. He has performed at multiple clubs and venues in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. He produced the Progressive House track ‘Parachute’ with Zhiko; a Chainsmokers backed Artist, Billboard Chart hitting Producer, Songwriter, and Vocalist. Ayne Vapel continues to strive and fill the voids in Electronic Dance Music by not being tied to a specific genre or sound.

For more details visit: https://linktr.ee/aynevapel

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