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Featured: Don Killam’s new track titled “We Made It”

The single is now streaming on major music streaming services.

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Just American News is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Don Killam. Known for his phenomenal music that is ingrained with sonic variety the artist has recently released a new track titled We Made It. It features artist Fresco Kane and has sublime vibe that is surreal! The majestic work of Don Killam is something that we haven’t heard in the realm of music for a long time. The multi-talented entrepreneur and content creator has definitely blended structural nuances with powerful melodic tones that are unconventional.

We really cannot compare Don Killam’s music and kind of label it with a specific genre as the multitudes of musical spectrum that he utilizes are definitely alluring.

And therefore Just American News highly recommends We Made It.

The single is now streaming on major music streaming services.

Stream the single now:

About the artist: Don Killam better known to his fans as Don Kilam is a wealthy entrepreneur and content creator, well known for being blunt yet business savvy.

For more details visit: www.DonKilam.Com

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