Gian Maselli & Glen Noel

Gian Maselli and Glen Noel (VTO): Revolutionizing Nightlife at Virginia Tech

It seems the duo is set to revolutionize the nightlife scene at Virginia Tech!

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A group of Virginia Tech freshmen recently signed a contract with Centro Taco and threw the biggest event of the year. The event captivated around 600+ people in one night. The fantastic night included a performance from TRVE, an Instagram verified artist from Atlanta who has 1 million + followers. The organization/ students involved is called VTO, which includes students Gian Maselli & Glen Noel.

These freshmen were doubted at first, but after given a chance were able to create history for the local bar and outsell any previous night on a Thursday. However, this seems like it is the only beginning of the story. The two first-year students continue to partner with the bar and throw large-scale events for students at Centro Taco Bar, reviving one of the bar’s slowest nights and revolutionizing the nightlife scene at Virginia Tech.

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