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Interview with artist duo Underhill West

"We believe art is beautifully wrapped messages from the artist that vibrate and penetrate through the receiver’s body and soul, having so much effect in him, his mood, his psychology, even his biggest decisions in life." - Underhill West.

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Just American News recently got a chance to interview artist duo Underhill West. We got insights into their latest album Mission, the creative process they follow and much more!

Q. First of all, welcome! It is wonderful to have you on our platform. How are you doing?

A. Hello and thank you so much for having us! We are in the happy period of enjoying our new album’s release while making sure it reaches to the people that would be interested in. We worked hard for it and feel proud about it.

Q. Your latest album Mission is wonderful! Please share with us how did you come across the idea for this album?

A. The first idea was to present a character within our music and narrate his adventures in the album. But a character is being described correctly when placed in certain situations and adventures that reflect his motivations. So, we ended creating a concept album about a dystopian future in which a massive global corporation named ‘Pixieland’ wants to take over the world via selling its VR Mask to everyone and besot him. Our character, who doesn’t remember his name, represents all the innocence and old-school values that stand against this dynasty spreading the message of enjoying the simple good things in life. It is an allegorical soty that reflects todays social issues. This is what our music stands for.

Q. What exactly is the creative process that you follow while making your music?

A. We pretty much believe every song is unique and its process should be as well. We often jam in the studio with drums guitar, bass, loops or just discussing an idea to create the yeast before going to production mode. There are times Tasos come up with a beat and Michalis adds harmony and lyrics to it. There are also times Michalis presents a demo song and Tasos adds his drumming ideas into it. Then we go to production mode like two mad scientists, experimenting with all kinds of instruments, gear and twisted sounds to create an interesting and friendly result that serves perfectly the idea we came across in the first place. Our engineer Ioannis Varelidis makes sure to polish everything perfectly with mixing and then comes mastering. It’s a lovely process!

Q. What is art according to you?

A. Art can start a revolution, can start a war, or bring peace. We are a little disappointed to see that people forget about this massive power of art nowadays and doesn’t evaluate in which art they are exposed to, especially in our country. I mean… it is proven that even if you put Vivaldi on grapes the wine is tastier, imagine what happens to you!

Q. What lies ahead for you in the coming years? What next? Any collaboration plans with other artists?

A. For the time being we want to spread the message of ‘Mission’ by playing live everywhere we are welcome, alone or sharing the stage with other bands or artists. We love that kind of concerts. As far as the coming years, the story of ‘Mission’ will continue in the next album which we can’t wait to start working on! Of course, in every album we create there are a bunch of very talented artists that participate, most of them from our hometown like Katherine Soulioti, and some of them from LA, like Jacob Gale.

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

A. Yes, we would like to thank everyone who worked for this album and our fans for supporting us through the years. Our community is open for everyone through www.underhillwest.com and our new record ‘Mission’ is ready to put a smile on your face! Thank you so much amplifying our voice!

About the artist: Underhill West is an indie pop duo from Greece that seeks to remind us of the importance of staying in touch with our inner child. In a world that can be increasingly stressful and adult-oriented, it can be easy to forget the sense of wonder and discovery that many of us possessed during our childhoods. That’s where Underhill West comes in. By drawing musical influence from artists like The Weeknd, Daft Punk, and Twenty One Pilots, the duo creates a soundscape to transport its listeners back to those carefree days.

For updates about future releases visit their official website:


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