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"Now my whole perspective on life has changed everything I do now is for my son and his future." - SelfMadeMizzy.

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Just American News recently got a chance to interview artist SelfMadeMizzy. We got insights into his work and also how his unique sounds and creative vision are a testament to the rich blend of influences he has encountered throughout his life.

Q. First of all, welcome! How are you doing?

Thank you! Very good I’m blessed.

Q. Your music is wonderful! Please share with us how did you embark on this journey of music?

Thank you! And honestly, I’ve been in love with music since as far as my memory can reach, I remember Sunday mornings my mother would Blast bachata merengue and salsa to wake us all up and that would be our alarm to get up and start cleaning the house and on my father’s side every time he would come to pick me up we would ride through the alleys of Washington DC blasting Tupac, MC Eight, Too short, all types of gangsta Rap so honestly as a young child I have always been introduced to many different genres of music and have always been in love with them. However when it comes to making Music I feel like it stemmed from hearing the different types of genres and seeing the different types of backgrounds everyone can come from, therefore I felt like I wanted to be a part of the legends that told their story so I started to write. It wasn’t rapping at first I started writing mini-stories of obstacles either I had to go through or seen someone I know had to go through then went to poems and around the end of high school it ended up being raps.

Q. What exactly is the creative process that you follow while making your music?

Honestly, I don’t feel like I have a process which I consider a big reason why I’m not that consistent with music. I usually have random thoughts throughout my day such as specific topics I feel would be great for a song and I write it down on my notes and later that day I will end up coming up with some type of hook that could go along with that specific topic than from there find a beat that can go with that hook then boom!! The song is finished within hours of finding the beat because the verses come very easily after that, Or sometimes I hear a beat while I have YouTube playing and fall in love and just start writing random lyrics from there. There isn’t a specific process I go through it’s very random and almost feels like when it’s time it’s time.

Q. What motivates you and what inspires you in your life?

Before my son, I would have said money motivates everything around me but now my whole perspective on life has changed everything I do now is for my son and his future.

Q. What lies ahead for you in the coming years? What next? Any collaboration plans with other artists?

I have a Mixtape coming out soon called “Brown n Proud” where I’m going back to my roots and mixing a lot of Spanish into my verses. I don’t have any collaborations yet but I am definitely working to get some soon.

Q. Lastly, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Just want to give everyone a heads up that “SelfMadeMizzy” will be a household name very soon and follow me on all socials media @selfmademizzy to keep up with me and all my updates.

About the artist: SelfMadeMizzy hails from the DMV area, encompassing Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Born in Washington D.C., he completed most of their schooling in Maryland. The artist’s musical influences can be traced back to his familial roots. On his father’s side, he was exposed to the hip-hop sounds of legends like 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. Meanwhile, his mother’s side introduced him to the vibrant rhythms of salsa, bachata, and a variety of Latin and Hispanic music. Drawing inspiration from the diverse cultural experiences of the DMV area, the artist’s unique sound and creative vision are a testament to the rich blend of influences he has encountered throughout his life. The artist continues to channel these experiences to create music that reflects the vibrant spirit and authenticity of the region.

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