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Interview with TN global lead Isaac Essien about their worldwide exploits

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Just American News got a chance to interview photographer and cinematographer, Isaac Essien from the well known Team Nhyira. We got insights into his work, his source of inspiration and much more!

Q. Welcome to Just American News. It’s great to have you here! How are you doing?

Isaac Essien: I am good as well as my partner (Kofi Amoah) and the rest of the team worldwide.

Q. Please tell us about yourself and your amazing work.

Isaac Essien: I am a young entrepreneur born in Ghana, currently residing in Canada. I had the dream along with his long-time friend to make ends meet and take wedding photography and cinematography to the ends of the world still having an African identity.

Q. How did you embark on this journey as a photographer and cinematographer?

Isaac Essien: We started after High school when we were introduced to it by a high school senior who was in college by then and he was a partner to a fast-growing wedding photography brand. We started by using a phone which got stolen so we had to wait for a year by doing other things to raise the needed capital to invest in the business. Because we were two, we could not just do photography so we decided to add the cinematography so that we can become a one stop media company.

Q. What makes your work different from other photographers out there?

Isaac Essien: We are like one of the very few one-stop complete media outlets in the world where your photography and cinematography needs are met with immense skill and precision with high quality output. Our team is skilled with passionate photographers and cinematographers and we are competing with the best of photographers and best cinematographers in the wedding industry even though we are a combined media company. We are the only wedding media outlet that work in four countries simultaneously being USA, Canada, UK and Ghana.

Q. What are the three main attributes that one must have in order to become a photographer?

Isaac Essien: A photographer has to be passionate and dedicated. He must be willing to learn and improve his skill with the new trends of photography. His communication skills must be up to par since a photographer is always talking to whoever he is taking a picture of.

Q. Any tips for aspiring photographers out there?

Isaac Essien: Stay true to your passion and make sure you don’t leave any new photography trend to chance because that might be your major break for your work to get noticed. Improve your gear if you have the means to and also make sure. Your customer relation skills are top notch.

Q. Who are your favorite photographers? The one who has been a source of inspiration for you.

Isaac Essien: Jema photography from Ghana, Iconic films in Australia, Asforafriyie our first role model, Ray Roman films in the USA and Alakija – USA.

Q. Please tell us about your gear and why do you use that specific gear?

Isaac Essien: We mostly use Canon cameras but lately we are switching slowly to the Sony cameras because they are really meeting specifically our video needs.

Q. What’s next? Which projects are you working on now?

Isaac Essien: Improving our destination weddings catalogue. We did Italy and we are looking forward to Dubai, Netherlands, Jamaica & South Africa. We are strengthening our brands across the globe and trying to reach the luxe markets and clientele in every country we are based in.

Q. Lastly, as we ask all our guests on Just American News, do you have any closing thoughts that you would like to share with the world and our readers?

Isaac Essien: As we promised and have delivered, the name is TN global and we will continue to serve the global purpose. We would want the world to check out our YouTube page “Team Nhyira” to see more of our works and check us out on all social media platforms. We are the next big thing in the world of wedding photography and cinematography across the world!!

About Team Nhyira: In 2014, Two young boys started a brand in Ghana. The duo, Kofi Amoah and Isaac Essien chose Team Nhyira as a brand name, with the aim to make an impact with an African identity. Looking at the economic hardship and how extremely choked the corporate industry is, they decided to do something on their own, and ventured into photography. As young as they were, it was difficult for them to get the resources to acquire the necessary tools to start off. However, these young boys invested in a music studio, took the earnings from there and invested it back into photography. This is where their photography dream and journey begun.

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