Ramazan Mutiev

It’s been an exciting year for Hollywood producer and filmmaker Ramazan Mutiev since the release of “The Misfits” starring Pierce Brosnan

Have you seen “The Misfits” at the cinema or on Prime TV? Share your thoughts with us. 

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29 year old Ramazan Mutiev has successfully built a reputation as someone to watch in the world of Hollywood film. Chechnya and raised in Belgium, Ramazan Mutiev has always had a deep passion for videography and has spent many years putting his love for the camera into practice. 

Ramazan Mutiev enjoyed shooting weddings and cherished the opportunity to practice his skills as a videographer, however after a few years, he knew he had to pursue his true passion. He now is currently running his business RS Production. In 2019 Ramazan Mutiev’s dream of working on a Hollywood movie came true. Mutiev is in a growing movie production studio, and it was through this that Mutiev was able to gain experience on his first Hollywood film, The Misfits (2021). The film was a major production, directed by Rene Harlin, and starring highly regarded actors such as Pierce Brosnan, Hermione Corfield, Jamie Chung, Mike d Angelo, Tim Roth, and Nick Cannon. 

Speaking about a possible upcoming sequel Mutiev said, “I am producing a movie with Jason Statham and other Hollywood actors, prepared to make this film even better and more beautiful.” 

Have you seen “The Misfits” at the cinema or on Prime TV? Share your thoughts with us. 

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