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Jacob Hauge Mateo’s powerful album titled “Beyond Time (for Tanja 1984​-​2022)”

Jacob Hauge Mateo has garnered love and attention from dedicated listeners all over the world.

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Just American News is today featuring artist Jacob Hauge Mateo’s upcoming album. It is titled Beyond Time (for Tanja 1984-2022) and is a breathtaking musical experience which is set to release on 13th of January. We got a special sneak peek into this musical extravaganza and were blown away by the emotional yet intrepid feelings that the album evoked in us. As we progressed through each song of the album, the heartfelt emotions and morbid yet deeper inner paradigm consisting of grief, sorrow and unconditional love were awakened. Be it the song The Word Is Perfect that features Anne-Louise or Do You Ever Stop To Stare? the sublime lyricism totally coaxes and overwhelms the listener and leaves them into a state of sole cozy inner observer. And in that state all one can do is to get acquainted with the sheer raw emotional quotients that the music touches.

It is difficult to express one’s state of mind when one is going through a tough time but in Beyond Time, Jacob Hauge Mateo takes us on a unique journey that is filled with an unexplained sensitivity. Also, the artist seems to have opened a distinct section of his own heart (a sign of an authentic artist) where he is inviting the world to take this special journey with him.

Check out this album teaser now!

About the artist: Jacob Hauge Mateo is a heart-centered producer, singer-songwriter, pianist, and a father of two boys based in Aarhus, Denmark. Recognized by his ethereal, peace-inducing, and multi-faceted style of music production, Jacob Hauge Mateo has garnered love and attention from dedicated listeners all over the world.

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