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Khaled Chibane – A Young Entrepreneur Has Introduced Uber-like App and Is Ready To Launch New Projects Soon

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Khaled Chibane, german technology startup owner, has taken the world by storm with his innovative thinking and introduction of the TaxiCol app which works similar to Uber but has much more advanced functionalities.

Khaled has been living in Germany since 2016. His educational background and love for the technology field has made him an expert engineer who has completed his master’s in engineering from Beuth University, Berlin. Currently, he is running a company in Munich, Germany, named SCHABIO Germany Gmbh ( and the company has been rapidly growing since it was launched in 2021.

Education & Initial Life Of Khaled Chibane

Born in Ain M’lila, Algeria, on December 13, 1993, he is a young entrepreneur who entered the technology field with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for creating and innovating new things. He is successfully working on the newest technology initiatives as a consequence of his efforts.

In an interview given to the local newspaper, Khaled revealed more information about his experience, educational background, personal preferences, latest projects, innovative skills and personal strengths. “I finished my undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering in 2015, but my passion was to continue it to the masters level, which I did. I was the type of person who did not totally rely on schooling but was accustomed to regularly helping out in the family company.

Because he had such a strong commitment to practicality, he extended his internship while pursuing his degrees, developed his understanding of the management of plant components during production, and worked for Onatrach Oil Company Algeria.  

His practical knowledge didn’t end there. “My original language is Arabic, but I continue to learn French, German, and English because I believe that no one can succeed in this age of modernity and technological growth without proficiency in more than one language,” he adds. He is proficient in Microsoft Office, Solid Works (3D software), Matlab, and Pascal.

Latest projects and achievements of Khaled Chibane

Currently, he has introduced his latest and the most important project. More details are definitely yet to come but to the extent he has revealed the massiveness of this project, we can come to know that it is a great initiative of Khaled Chibane which is a development of a technology startup, Taxicol. This amazing transportation mega project has the potential to compete with bigger startups like Uber. The TaxiCol technology startup will aim to develop useful and practical solutions while maintaining a high-level of accessibility.

TaxiCol is a high-end Uber-like transportation company that will operate in Germany and South Arabia, and many other countries (

The first project of Khaled is TaxiCol which offers a wide variety of transportations possibilities, options and innovative features. Users will be able to experience all of the Uber-like features as well as additional innovations and unique functionalities that we may name categories inside a TaxiCol. For example, passengers will be able to choose between regular and XL taxis, as well as enjoy female-only trips and other premium services. According to Khaled, there are certain extra premium services that will be extremely beneficial to customers, such as the transportation of items/goods on all levels. We anticipate that this initiative will be beneficial not just to the general public but also to companies.

In partnership with his partner Saad Ali Al-Multiple Shehri’s Destinations Company in Riyadh, Khaled Chibane introduced the TaxiCol App in Saudi Arabia. His next ambition is to bring the app to Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, and Germany.

He is not finished yet, as he is currently working on his second project, a technology startup in the form of an auction website ( auction website) that will be active in Algeria. He is also working on a technology project, a driving theory app for Germany as he is also successful in maintaining his good reputation in Germany as a tech entrepreneur and has been living over there for a long time.

Stay connected to his websites to get the latest updates about his projects.

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