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Lala O. Roch’s new book “Light Up Your Worth”: Testimony of a Near Death Experience

The book is a personal journey of inspiration that promises to be a life-changing read.

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Lala O. Roch, a successful and self-made author, shares her inspiring journey of triumph over adversity in her new book “Light Up Your Worth”. The book is a guide to overcoming life challenges, depression, loneliness, heartbreak, anxiety, and finding one’s true worth. It is an engaging and intriguing read that promises to be highly readable and inspiring to anyone who reads it.

O. Roch’s story is one of perseverance and strength. She never doubted herself, and her self-confidence and success were a testament to her hard work and determination. But one day, while surfing in a prestigious location, she had a terrible accident that changed her life forever. She fell from a great height and lost everything she had, including her job, house, friends, and even her ability to walk. She was forced to relocate for surgery and care, and her autonomy was severely limited. During the accident O.Roch experienced one of the most incredible phenomena. Experience referred nowadays as Near Death Experience. NDE or Near-Death Experiences are “intensely vivid and often life-transforming experiences, many of which occur under extreme physiological conditions” says the School of Medicine of the University of Virginia USA –

O.Roch accident and physical trauma triggered this NDEs, and her transformed her life completely. O. Roch had a revelation that she needed to help people and stop being selfish in her success. She was given mysterious help during the accident, and she believed it was a sign that she needed to write a book. She spent her entire recovery process on creating a formula to help women and anyone who wants to overcome life challenges, depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and find their true worth. The book comes in a box that includes a workbook, exercise and affirmation cards, recipe cards, and of course, the book itself.

“Light Up Your Worth” is a guide to self-discovery and self-improvement that promises to be a life-changing read. It’s a personal story of O. Roch’s triumph of faith over adversity, and it’s a testament to her resilience and determination. The book is not just another self-help book, but a personal journey of inspiration that will resonate with anyone who has faced adversity.

O. Roch shares her personal struggles and how she overcame them in the book. She promises that if you apply the formula in the book, you can change your life and mindset and reach whatever you want to achieve. O. Roch’s story is a true inspiration, and her book is a must-read for anyone who wants to change their life, overcome challenges, and achieve success.

“Light Up Your Worth” is an inspiring and highly readable book that everyone should read. Lala O. Roch’s personal story and the formula she created will help anyone who wants to overcome life challenges and achieve success. The book is a personal journey of inspiration that promises to be a life-changing read. It is available on O. Roch’s website and is already receiving rave reviews from readers who have found the formula in the book to be transformative.

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