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Lorenzo Gabanizza collaborates with Jeff Christie for his new single, ‘You’re not there’

Keep an eye on the official social media of Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie for updates about this single.

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Just American News is sharing an exclusive piece of news about singer and songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza. He has collaborated with well-known artist Jeff Christie for his new and upcoming single, “You’re not there.” Lorenzo is famous for his captivating and chartbuster songs like Someone Waiting At Their Door, Roses in the Sky, and All The Words We Never Said. On the other hand, readers are well aware of Jeff Christie, whose song Yellow River was a chart-topping number and a hit song that sold 25 million copies worldwide. Also, how can we forget the riveting album Christie and For All Mankind?

The single You’re not there tends to have a stunning pool of artists such as Snake Davis, who has played saxophone and has previously worked with Paul McCartney and Sting. Rusty Wright has played electric guitar and is a well-known guitarist. Darrell Nutt, who has previously played with Yes and Moody Blues, has played drums. Bruce Hoffman has played pedal steel guitar, and longtime Nashville session musician Hale White has played piano in this single! Also, the single features backing vocals by Manchester folk singer Katey Brooks.

Mixing is handled by Peter Hall, who has previously worked on Liam Gallagher’s album. Whereas the legendary Greg Calbi has handled the Mastering. Calbi is a 62 times Grammy winner Engineer and has worked with the best artists in the world such as Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison and many more.

Overall, with this breathtaking crew and a marvelous blend of Lorenzo and Jeff’s distinct yet powerful musicality, the single will be a sheer treat for their fans and music lovers!

According to our sources, the single will be released on the 22nd of October. Also, it is being released under the label MTS Recordings with management by artist manager Michael Stover.

Keep an eye on the official social media of Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie for updates about this single.

Official Instagram Account of Lorenzo | Official Facebook Profile of Jeff Christie

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