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For now, I’m having so much fun filming “Pamela’s Vlogging Show”. - Pamela Hilton.

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Pamela Hilton looks like a silver screen starlet of yesteryear, who traveled time and ended up in the modern world. Dressed in a tight wiggle dress – the ultimate 1950s dress from Unique Vintage and black gloves, she’s posing at the midcentury villa located in Seoul, South Korea. Her hair is styled in glamorous Page Boy and she reminds of Marilyn Monroe. “Shall we take photos over there?” – she asks her photographer Tony. In person, she looks mesmerizing, breathtakingly beautiful yet delicately fragile. Her smile is dazzling, it doesn’t leave her face even when the camera stops. “I absolutely adore this place,” Hilton says in her signature breathy voice. “I love people here, they’re kind.”

I noticed her on Paris Hilton’s Twitter when she tweeted an article about Pamela: “So proud of you @PammyHilton. My Baby Marilyn.” So did other people who constantly compare her to Monroe, calling her “Baby Marilyn” and saying that she truly brings her spirit back to life. In a peculiar way, the two blondes have much more things in common than just their platinum locks. Just like the Old Hollywood legend, Pamela is an aspiring singer with a rather deep, sensual timbre – if you hear her singing, you will definitely remember this easily recognizable smooth, mellow voice. Just like Marilyn, who possessed versatile talents, Pamela is also an all-rounder: whenever she’s not modeling or working on music, she dedicates her time to “Pamela’s Vlogging Show” where she shares her love for vintage fashion and bits of her life on a weekly basis.

Dress, Gloves, Earrings: Unique Vintage / Credit: choonshiki

“I’m working really hard on my music and while I’m not releasing it, I wanted to start a Vlogging Show,” she explains of the show, to be found on YouTube. “I have no team behind me, I do everything myself with Tony’s help. He is really talented and I’m excited to share my music we’ve been working on. For now, I’m having so much fun filming “Pamela’s Vlogging Show”. I love the idea of calling vlogs my show because it sounds exciting.”

Watch Pamela’s Vlogging Show on YouTube

Cover Image: Pamela Hilton wearing a Unique Vintage dress / Credit: choonshiki

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