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Inviting great guests

Before you finalize the date and send out the invitation, do some checking and make sure the people you want to be at the party are available. The saying “the more the merrier” doesn’t apply to parties. There is no need to increase the guest list to include children and adults who are not going to add anything positive to the atmosphere of your event.

Picking a great date and time

The last thing anyone wants is to plan a great event then have a poor turnout. It is a good idea to avoid planning an event that competes with other civic, religious, school, or major cultural events. While people may love you, many of these events might have been on their calendars for weeks or even months. Do research so you can eliminate having the event on days that have competing events.

Planning ahead

The biggest key to having a great celebration is the ability to be a guest at your own party. When you do more leg work before the party, it becomes easier to have freedom and relax as you enjoy time with the guests. Make a to-do list and a timeline. Order your props from Premier Glow in plenty of time. You most likely don’t want to be stressed out and tired running around on the day of the party or even during the party. It is important to plan because it makes everything easier and better. You cannot over plan.

Serving great dessert or birthday cake

A dessert is one of those things almost everyone loves and enjoys because most have a sweet tooth. Serving your guests desserts or two (such as beautifully prepared cookies or gourmet cake) will leave a sweet taste in their mouth and a sweet memory in their mind as the party comes to an end. If there is only one thing to splurge on, then let it be a great dessert. If you don’t feel like this is your specialty, then go ahead and hire. You will be happy you did.

Showing gratitude for your guest’s presence

Most people lead a busy life and some have made sacrifices to attend your event. You need to make sure your guests are feeling welcomed, comfortable, and appreciated. Compliment them. Visit with them. Introduce them to other guests. You should make it worth their time. When they leave your party, they will know how much it means to you that they came. You can include a small favor as a send-off if appropriate.

A great party is more than just crossing off the items on your checklist. It involves preparing and working to have an atmosphere where people can relax and have a good time around each other. The above tips are going to help you plan a great party that will be remembered for a long time.

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