Riding the RnB Waves with Artist and Songwriter Kazhi’s Soulful Strides in ‘Man enough’

The single is now streaming on Spotify.

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Norwegian artist, songwriter and vocal producer Kazhi is illuminating the music scene as the first beacon, a single from her debut album ‘The process’, casts an enchanting glow. Presenting an aural tapestry woven with strands of gentle, groovy, ‘blue-eyed’ R&B, this new single titled ‘Man enough’ is a testament to her authenticity. The lyrics, brutally honest and subtly self-deprecating, peer into her soul sans any filters. The seductive interplay of rhythm and beats serves as a solid foundation for her alluring vocals. It’s her voice that truly takes center stage, bewitching us with its depth and range, crafting an intimate narrative that keeps us yearning for more. As her story unfolds throughout the year, this offering is just a glimpse of the captivating journey she invites us to embark on.

Soak in the ethereal soundscape she’s crafted by streaming the single on Spotify.

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