Stacccs’ thought-provoking track ‘Massacre’ touches on mental health issues

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Not everyone can be a part of your inner circle. Be selective with the company you keep and only invite those who best reflect your current and future self. All energy is contagious, discard the negative and keep a tight-knit circle if you plan to win.

Toronto artist Stacccs is no stranger to being cautious. Growing up in Toronto taught him early on how unforgiving the streets could be. Instead of succumbing to the harsh environment, he decided to use his natural talent as a poet and entertainer to forge a better life for himself.

Stacccs versatility is a testament to the angels and demons waging war upon the inner sanctum of his conscience. When exploring his latest project (STA), you’ll catch a glimpse of both entities without barely scratching the surface. Songs like Breakin’ The Rules and Didn’t Know are prime examples of the ongoing battle currently taking place.

Stacccs displays his lyrical prowess as an emcee. The well-rounded collaboration is the perfect introduction for any new listeners looking to tap in. Be sure to check out the video Levels, available now on YouTube. A new video for Massacre is also available as of April 17th. The thought-provoking track touches on mental health issues and the stigmas that come along with them.

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