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Tarah Who? – The Showdown Review

A great single, and it gets a hearty commendation from us!

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Music is one of the most subjective mediums available, and for a good reason. There’s a certain charm in the imperfection of many aspects of music, and these factors can sometimes elevate a song further than it would. A lack of polish resulting in a grittier, lo-fi sound is exactly what Tarah Who? excels at. It’s the key to their best work, including their single, “The Showdown,” an uproariously energetic song that’s the subject of review today.

In a way, “The Showdown” harkens back to the older days of more edgy, gritty rock styles. Unlike many of their modern-day contemporaries, Tarah Who? are unabashedly themselves, which means making music perfectly embodies themselves. It’s rough around the edges, it’s slightly abrasive, it’s aggressive, and it’s also a straight-up good time. It’s proof that you don’t need all the polish and shine of modern genres like pop to stand out from a crowd.

You can tell that Tarah Who? had a lot of fun recording this track, especially with the chanting during the bridges and the fun instrumentals. We especially love the surprising introduction of a fiddle mid-way through the song. It’s not commonly seen as an aggressive or angry instrument, so we were surprised to see it used in that context. It makes for fun that’s surprisingly enjoyable to pick out small details, especially with how wild the arrangement can be.

The guitar riffs in “The Showdown” are aggressive and bite but also surprisingly catchy. It’s a perfect match for the dark and energetic energy the song exudes from every one of its pores. Of course, there’s a method to the madness, and the song knows when to rein things back and take it easy. There’s a good amount of build-up before the climax and chorus, and it’s greatly appreciated.

Tarah Carpenter’s vocals are also a lot of fun, mainly because they’re presented with so much personality and character behind them. “The Showdown,” in general, exudes a lot of charisma, and even listening to it briefly, you get a complete picture of what kind of band Tarah Who are. What makes it all enjoyable is how the band owns this energy and puts all their effort into it. 

“The Showdown” is a very entertainingly enjoyable song that makes up for polish with pure charisma and unparalleled energy in its presentation. Its grungy and gritty instrumentals have an almost infectious vibe, and it’s impossible to listen to it without bobbing your head along to the beat. A great single, and it gets a hearty commendation from us!

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