Delusive Relics

The dynamic duo Delusive Relics’ release their stunning new EP ‘Mycelium’

Dive into a unique realm where boundaries don’t exist, and a pool filled with Delusive Relics’ crafted tonality awaits.

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Today, Just American News features the scintillating duo Delusive Relics, known for their evocative and mind-boggling tracks (dark electro vibe!). The duo has recently released a stunning four-track EP titled Mycelium, and we got a special sneak peek into their album, which blew us away with its sheer audacity. “Mercury In Retrograde” creates an enthralling vibe and sets the mood for the EP. With diverse tonality and effect-based vocals, the atmosphere it crafts is stunning.

The duo then takes us on a sublime journey with the track “Climax,” featuring the superb vocalist Vanessa Hale. The vibrancy of this track is phenomenal, with Vanessa Hale’s voice transporting and playing on one’s psyche with an impeccable allure. The unconventional synth sounds further dazzle the heart.

“Fairy Ring” starts with an arpeggio that transcends traditional modalities, accompanied by vibrant vocals that craft an ethereal atmosphere. Truly mesmerizing, this single showcases the essence of Delusive Relics’ music. However, the final track—the title track—is spectacular, featuring Juls Garat from Pilgrims of the Yearning. It boasts sizzling tones and arrangements that showcase Delusive Relics’ signature sound, unlike anything we’ve heard before.

The duo defy genre limitations, expressing their unique sonic structure with a freshness that brings forth an auditory experience we haven’t encountered in a long time.

We highly recommend their music, now streaming on Spotify. Dive into a unique realm where boundaries don’t exist, and a pool filled with Delusive Relics’ crafted tonality awaits. Yes, they have added their signature magic to all tracks, bringing refreshing soundscapes to the musical world for music lovers.

About the duo: Delusive Relics, a duo helmed by Farhood Nik on male vocals, synthesizers, and composition, alongside Anis Oveisi on keyboards, invites Vanessa Hale to lend her vocals to “Fairy Ring” and “Climax,” infusing the compositions with ethereal allure.

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