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American Hip Hop Duo Ying Yang Twins and Celebrity Magician JoshPele Magic elevated guest experience at nation’s largest trading card convention

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The nation’s largest Trading Card, Anime, and POP convention made its return to the sunshine state in Orlando Florida on February 25 and 26. Collect-A-Con, a convention full of over 700 vendor tables selling products from Pokémon cards to Yu-Gi-Oh to Sports cards and more filled the Orange County Convention Center.

The convention tours the country with stops in cities including Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, Long Beach, Orlando, Charlotte, and Denver. This most recent Orlando event was nothing short of fantastic as collectors, fans, and even celebrities from all around the country, and even some internationally, came to collect, trade, and have a fun time. One of the most popular features of this convention is their Celebrity signings where they host many popular voice actors from all sorts of beloved Amines and shows including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Power Rangers, Sonic, One Piece, Star Wars, My Hero Academia, Naruto and many more. Run by CEO Matthew Weatherly, this convention continues to outdo itself event after event.

This Orlando one was quite special, as not only did the con feature its signature panels, vendors, and stars but it also had live performances by American Hip Hop Duo Ying Yang Twins while Celebrity Mentalist and Magician JoshPele Magic was also spotted doing his world-famous strolling acts throughout the convention hall.

The Ying Yang twins, who became famous early on in their careers for their collaboration with Britney Spears and also with their hit single “Get Low” with Lil Jon, made their way onto the stage of Collect-A-Con where they performed several of their biggest hits including “Get Low”, “Salt Shaker”, “Say I Yi Yi”, and “The Whisper Song”. The crowd loved it and the nostalgia spread throughout the happy attendees of the convention.

After their performance, JoshPele Magic was seen backstage performing his signature mentalism and magic routines for the duo which left both them and their crew mind blown. The quick set featured a combination of unique card routines and unbelievable mind reading where JoshPele was able to divine the thoughts of the twins during the show.

The Ying Yang twins left the convention with an outstanding performance that excited the entire crowd and JoshPele continued to keep this momentum going by displaying his hand crafted Pokémon themed routines.

Throughout the convention you might have heard sudden screams of thrill and excitement to which you turn your head and realize they are in response to the mind dazzling magic of JoshPele Magic. This was a great addition to an already great convention. Orlando Collect-A-Con was certainly one for the books and we are excited to see what is in store for the new few shows.

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