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Why We Love Animal Jewelry and What It Symbolizes

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Animal images in jewelry are as old as the hills. Many representatives of the fauna were part of the customs or rituals of ancient tribes and civilizations. Ancient Egyptians, for example, worshiped cats and endowed them with truly incredible abilities.

The meaning of a particular animal in jewelry is primarily determined by its physical and mental qualities. On top of that, people used to add magical properties they believed this living thing possessed. That being said, every mythology or religion attributed completely different features to the same animal.

Animal Jewelry Retrospective

In the past, animal jewelry was a prerogative of warriors and those belonging to the highest social strata.

Strong and unusual animals (such as sharks, bears, wolves, spiders, etc.) were intended for warriors to safeguard them against adversity as well as give them strength, courage, and fearlessness. Rulers, on the other hand, stuck with animals to separate themselves from commoners. Later, these animals appeared on coats of arms and national emblems. The national symbol of England, for instance, is three lions, and even more lions can be seen on the state emblem of India.

Over time, the masses, too, took a fancy to animal jewelry. It was common to give beasts a sacred philosophical meaning. Mythical creatures (dragons, centaurs, unicorns, griffins, phoenixes, etc.) became a personification of superpowers, wild animals represented physical strength, and serpents embodied intelligence, experience, and wisdom.

Today, wild beasts (bulls, lions, wolves, hogs, etc.) are a favorite motif of men who wish to showcase their masculinity and virility. Exotic and unusual animals cast in metal are the favorites of creative personalities and those who don’t want to be akin to anyone else. Insects, turtles, decorative birds, marine residents – the themes of silver animal rings are truly endless.

Still, some motifs seem to be more sought-after than others. Below are the top three most-loved themes in animal jewelry.


The symbol of the wolf is multi-faceted, which makes it a good fit for almost every man.

Wolf rings are ideal for brave, decisive, and absolutely self-sufficient people. They are not scared to tell the truth and are capable of real feats (heroism, if you will).

The wolf is a symbol of family men. On the one hand, a wolf is a wonderful example of pack behavior; Male wolfs are devoted to their pack, family, and help raise pups. Therefore, wolf jewelry is a great idea for monogamous persons who value fidelity and will never betray their true love. On the other hand, there are lone wolves who live on their own. They don’t need anyone else’s company to survive. A lone wolf can become a symbol of an incorrigible bachelor.

The image of a wolf is not at all about great physical strength. Rather, it is about slyness, intellect, and the ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.


Just like the wolf, the snake boasts a multitude of meanings. It stands for life and death, good and evil, eternal knowledge and oblivion.

In ancient Egypt and India, the snake was revered as a symbol of fertility. In the East, it is respected for its venom, which, when used correctly, can become a potent medicine. This makes the snake a good creature. On the other hand, the snake is able to kill with a single bite; therefore it was associated with death and evil.

In Japan, the snake was a representation of the feminine principle. According to the natives of the Land of the Rising Sun, it manifested such qualities as grace and attractiveness. They believed that snakes are capable of and willing to tempt and seduce.

Snake jewelry is a go-to option for a person wishing to emphasize that they have a philosophical attitude to life and strive for unity with nature. On the contrary, it can speak of carnal desires and sexuality, especially in women.


The image of the lion, as the king of the jungle, is firmly entrenched in a multitude of cultures. Its symbolism goes hand in hand with such concepts as might, nobility, strength, and even divine power.

In the past, only people endowed with power (and unbelievably rich) could afford lion jewelry. Just like their owners, it radiated nobility and it seemed that it was cast by the gods themselves. A ruler respected for his judgment, foresight, and wisdom as if conveyed these qualities to the image of a lion. At the same time, a rare king could idly sit on the throne. Most of the time, he spent in military campaigns and fought fiercely to protect his land and people. Fearless and brave, he fought just like a lion.

Today, people who rock lion jewelry, as it were, show that they have a remarkable character to overcome difficulties. They may not always be the most powerful physically, but they are able to give a head start when it comes to willpower.

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