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Check out artist Devin Millar’s distinct Single “Hoody”

Hoody is now streaming on Spotify.

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Just American News is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Devin Millar. Known for his distinct single BFD, the artist is back with another track. It is titled Hoody which has a phenomenal arrangement. Apart from the scintillating vibe another vital aspect of his music lies in the official music video. As it was in case of BFD which had an animated video the artist has utilized the same path for Hoody too. However the difference lies in the execution of the music video. Hoody aptly showcases the retro Los Angeles atmosphere with an alluring storyline. The rhythms that he has used blends stunningly well with the transitions in the video. Music lovers seems to be cajoled into Devin’s music as the double bonanza in terms of audio and video mix is truly terrific!

Do check out the official video of the song which is now available on YouTube!

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