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Check out Hologram Boy’s catchy new single ‘Sinapsi Attive’

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Just American News is today sharing the new single by artist Hologram Boy. It is titled Sinapsi Attive and is truly a one-of-a-kind song. With a super funky vibe, enthralling beats and heavy bass the single impressed us! The distinct aspect of the single is the chorus which kind of captivates us and makes us engrossed in the song.

Another important asset of the song is the vocals by Miss Virtuality and morphed vocals by Hologram Boy. The arrangement is powerful and somehow transports us to a different era.

Hologram Boy has produced a wonderful song for music lovers and we would like to specifically mention the thrilling and peppy official video of the song too. Truly, creativity is flowing through the artist in his song and in the video too!

Check out the official video of the song now:

About the artist: This is the story of a jazz musician that used to play for 20 years at weddings, but also in Italian national televisions and radios with famous artists. Then the world changed and during the lockdown this musician, finding himself unemployed, started to explore the depths of virtual reality and fell in love with it, adopting the prothesic identity (and the wig) of HOLOGRAM BOY. His first single, “SINAPSI ATTIVE” (feat. Miss Virtuality), is available now on major music streaming services.

For further details visit:

Official Website | Official YouTube

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