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Is the fashion influencer It’s David Martinez marring BoohooMAN

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Fast fashion became a tremendous movement in the past years. Well-known designers like Balenciaga, Burberry, Versace, and others have been trying to keep up with the new trends imposed by fast fashion at affordable prices. Since the past few months, we have seen It’s David Martinez hope on that trend and give a back to big brands like Bailman who we used to see him wearing often. The influencer seems very comfortable wearing fast fashion clothes and our critics wonder, What happened with the luxury brand critic he used to be?. Well, it seems like he is now focusing on other things in his life and people are speculating a possible alliance and collaboration with BoohooMAN.

In his stories, he seems happy and with his extravagant lifestyle in Miami, Florida. Maybe he is just taking a break from fashion that sure it is a venture that requires a lot of effort and willingness to keep up with. Further in recent pictures, we have seen him wearing Zara, Calvin Klein, and of course, BoohooMAN which is not a surprise and number one reason to speculate a possible collaboration between these two. His fans and the fashion community are waiting for Its David Martinez to come back with his famous fashion reviews and most importantly the help he used to give to small designers to get exposure and create content for brands. As a team we love to see a Hispanic model and influencer support brands all over the globe and most importantly set trends that favor the industry, we hope to see him back.

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