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Depression: Cancer of the soul

On the road to recovery, every small step towards the final destination counts.

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Have you ever wondered what is worse; being diagnosed with cancer or depression? Of course, the most common answer is cancer. After all, it’s life-threatening. While its lethality is of no doubt, we often overlook the fact that depression is equally as deadly. Look at it this way; both depression and cancer can kill a person little by little, but while cancer shuts down your organs, depression aims for your soul.

Assume you were diagnosed with cancer, you would be quick to get chemotherapy, right? But would you be as quick to seek treatment had you been diagnosed with depression or another mental disorder? That would most probably not be the case. And that is why a vast majority of people let depression consume them rather than taking the right steps to fight it. Major depression is present in as many as 60% of suicide victims, proving the fatal nature of this mental condition. Yet, we often downplay its severity.

Fortunately, there are several treatments for depression today that can help you break free from its curse. All you need is the will and the desire to work on improving your mental health as well as your lifestyle. Trust me, once you decide to start on this healing journey, you will notice that the things that used to take a lot of effort from you are slowly becoming easier for you to accomplish.

How to describe depression?

Depression is the unbearable pain of living. It is when your worst nightmare becomes waking up to see another day.

Depression is when the darkness becomes your safe place and when sleep becomes an escape from your reality. It is the exhaustion of constantly trying to fight for your happiness.

Depression is when you forget how to laugh, how to love and how to enjoy any aspect of life. It is when the emptiness of your heart starts to feel heavy and you lose hope to the point where you feel like nothing matters anymore.

Depression is when the pain comes from within, it is knowing that you are unable to see the light that everyone sees at the end of the tunnel.

Depression is a voice inside your head that’s constantly reminding you of how worthless you are. It’s like living the hardest day of your life every single day.

Depression is the loneliest place on earth; it pushes you away from your loved ones. It’s an invisible weight that you constantly have to drag with you wherever you go. It’s the sadness that eats you alive, leaving you helpless and hopeless. No one can see your pain, no one can feel it and no one can understand it, except for you.

Depression is when you stop living, and start existing.

It’s the ultimate wish to close your eyes and never open them again…

The first step to treating any disease is to identify its symptoms and acknowledge their existence. If you’re suffering from depression, please know that you are not weak, you are not alone, and that there is always hope.

By speaking to a professional and seeking treatment, you can learn coping mechanisms that could ultimately teach you how to deal with any difficulties you may face in a healthy and effective way.

Easing the Battle:

On the road to recovery, every small step towards the final destination counts. My passion for assisting people has pushed me to take new initiatives in 2023, providing solutions in my own way. In hopes of helping out people in need, I’m publishing my first Arabic novel called “Farewell My Friend”. The latter is a compilation of stories about people struggling with depression and beginning their individual journeys. The novel also ends with tips that will hopefully help my readers heal and defeat whatever battle they might be facing at the moment.

Moreover, I’m also volunteering to go help kids in Tanzania, which is the reason why I’m starting a fundraiser aimed at providing underprivileged kids with food, clothing, shelter and school essentials; a lack of which often results in depression.

If you’re looking to play your part in the fight against this illness, feel free to send in your donations by clicking the link provided down below. Remember, no matter how big or small, your help can go a long way.

Together, let’s make a difference!


By: Aya Kanaan

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