‘Electrasy: Calling All The Dreamers’ is now available on Amazon!

Step into the wild world of Electrasy, the Britpop disruptors that rocked the sleepy West Country and shook the music industry to its core. Time-travel through the 1990s and early 2000s, and experience the electrifying highs and crushing lows of this groundbreaking band's odyssey, in their own words.

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Step behind the curtains with Electrasy: Calling All The Dreamers by Pete Trainor and witness the uproar and rebellion that defined the transition to the digital music age. While most remember it as a time of easy downloads and budding piracy, the reality was far more complex and dramatic. Through the eyes of the iconic band Electrasy, readers get a VIP pass to both the stage and the struggles that lay behind it. With anecdotes that will leave you in splits and interviews that offer profound insights, it isn’t just a book – it’s an experience. This isn’t just a recommendation; it’s an invitation. Join the revolution, one page at a time.

Electrasy: Calling All The Dreamers follows Pete’s own journey with a local band from the South West of England in the late 90s, exploring how technology ultimately made them and then broke them. The book is now available on Amazon!

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