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Exclusive: VR Developer Christopher Foust’s new book ‘Simuology Volume 1’

"Technology has advanced so much within 50 years, it’s kind of naive to think there will not be even further advancements in it." - Christopher Foust.

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Just American News is today featuring the new book by Virtual Reality Developer Christopher Foust. It is titled Simuology Volume 1.

About the book: Simuology is a spiritual concept that suggests our current existence takes place within a simulation – referred to as The System. Simuology is made up of multiple research methods, and classifications, which help active researchers, known as Simuologists, understand more of their individual existence. The first book in this series, takes the reader on a journey of conscious discovery, by discussing topics such as Religion, Near Death Experiences, Talking with the Dead, Dreams, Meditation, Karma, Manifestation, Synchronicity, The Mandela Effect, Time Travel, Multiple Dimensions, The Matrix, Aliens, and more.

Simuology Christopher Foust

About the author: Christopher Foust is a Virtual Reality Developer, and Author of the new concept series: Simuology.  With over 20 years of web development, programming, and creative design, Christopher has dedicated the majority of his life to unraveling the clues of Simulation Theory.  He currently lives in Colorado, with his wife and six children.  His dedication to the work behind Simuology has lent him recognition within both spiritual, and scientific communities.

You really do have a power within you, it is the soul or the consciousness, that is everlasting and this reality is just the beginning.– Christopher Foust.

The book is now available on Amazon!

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