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Featured: Aki Akiyama Kong’s new single ‘The Last Call to Universe’

"This is a song about the girl I always dreamed about." - Aki Akiyama Kong.

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Just American News is today featuring the new single by artist Aki Akiyama Kong. It is titled The Last Call to Universe and is a distinct song with alluring beats. The single starts with a cough (yes coughing, how creative!) by the artist and then the subtle guitars take over! The lyrics are deep and the song has a unique vibe attached to it.

The beats are rather unconventional with a unique arrangement. The layered instruments might seem to drift in a congenial manner but that’s the experimental nature of the song and part of the artist’s vision. The instrumentation is wonderful and quite captivating. The simplicity in the melodic tone definitely catches the listener’s attention.

Speaking with the artist about the single, Aki Akiyama says, “This is a song about the girl I always dreamed about. She is someone I used to have a crush on when I was in high school…but we never made it. After that, I always dreamed about her, even after I got married, so I wanted to tell the universe I am settled now. I’ve already said goodbye to a beautiful crush, I don’t want to see her in my dreams anymore and thank you for giving me such good fantasies… After I wrote this song, I haven’t seen her in my dreams anymore…”

When asked about art, music and the artist’s vision, Aki Akiyama says, “It’s like some feeling stuck in your heart, music is the one way out. So I make music; sometimes it’s for myself, so I feel better. Sometimes I’ll feel so sad and desperate like my life has no hope. If my life is still going, my music is still going. It’s a part of my life. Then again, maybe I just want hot girls to like me.”

The single The Last Call to Universe is currently streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services.

About the artist: I don’t think I am not making music, I think I am making ART, I want to tell people what I see and What I feel, Just like Picasso, He paints not what he sees, but what he feels.

Stream the artist’s music here: Song Whip

Check out the official video of the song here:

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