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Featured Album: “Symphomaniac” by Dead Cat Bounce

Dead Cat Bounce brings a noteworthy musical extravaganza for music lovers.

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Just American News is today featuring the stunning album by artist Dead Cat Bounce. It is titled Symphomaniac and comprises of riveting tracks Tourists of The Caribbean, Tension and Release, Chain Reaction, Dancing in The Petrichor and many more wonderful compositions. With a cogent arrangement Tension and Release totally allured us. The splendid sound patches create an ethereal atmosphere! Whereas Chain Reaction is a compelling track that has pretty vibrant tonality. The soundscape vibe is brilliant along with a bedazzled structure that is certainly innovative. Tourists of The Caribbean (our favorite!) is another distinct track from the album. The unconventional yet creatively contemporary synth sounds gave us a very nostalgic vibe. And the buildup is just captivating!

Overall Dead Cat Bounce brings a noteworthy musical extravaganza for music lovers. Albeit with a solid sprinkling of original and consciously crafted sound patches the album stands apart in the modern music scene. And therefore Just American News highly recommends this album. It is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Dead Cat Bounce is an all-around music producer. From drums, guitar, piano, and classical instruments to pretty much anything he usually mixes traditional instruments with drums and modern instruments to create different genres.

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