ToMiK release their new album!

ToMiK, that's Thomas Spiess and Mike Pape. 

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 ToMiK create a rock cocktail that gets under your skin and garnish it with critical, intelligent lyrics. In 2021 their previous successes in the press and on radio finished off by a triple award winning at the 39th German Rock and Pop Awards. In 2022 ToMiK take off with the release of the album “Mit offenen Augen” (“With open eyes“), which can already be heard on numerous radio stations in Germany, France, England, Italy and the USA. In various music magazines the album already obtained excellent reviews. Currently the band is preparing for the live season 2023. 

“Mit offenen Augen (With Open Eyes) introduces the skillfully meandering vocal harmonies of ToMiK in a way that feels acquainted yet also indicative of an artist ready to pave their own way, with a likable beat that injects a level of weight and easily recognizable styling into the track.“ 

Modern Soulful Music Award 07/2022 

“A story about truth, reality and honesty. Rousing guitar riffs and melodic rock beats give the sound of ToMiK a certain emotionality, which, however, triggers honest feelings. We are not talking about tears and heartbreak! The authentic lyrics are characterized by critiques of society as well as personal stories that get close to the listeners heart and create a connection to the musical duo.” 

bandup.BLOG 07/2022 

“A back and forth and up and down of emotions: excitement, regret, anger, impulses and hope. An album for the brain that first confuses me, then arouses my curiosity, and then won’t let me go.” 

AGF-Radio 06/22 

“In moments like these, the vibrancy and splendor at the heart of this duo shines impressively, a testament to their natural skill and creativity. They have an all-embracing sonic palette, with their ability to pen songs that appeal as much to die-hard rockers as they do chart-music consumers.“ 

Jamsphere 02/2022 


ToMiK, that’s Thomas Spiess and Mike Pape. 

Both met first time in 2006, when the band “Celltest Dummies” was founded. They played together in the band until 2010, when Mike left the group to join the rock cover band “Crazymay” as lead singer and guitarist, in which he still plays today. Thomas continued to lead the group as singer and guitarist under the name “downright” until they split up in 2018. 

In 2016 Tom Spiess and Mike Pape formed the Rock-duo as a studio project. At the end of 2018, ToMiK released its debut EP “Geld oder Liebe” (“Money or Love”) with the title track “Schmutziges Geld” („Dirty Money“). In 2019/20 further single releases followed along with several live shows. The cooperation with the agency “NMM – Newcomer-Music-Management” started in 2021 and has garnered domestic and international radio and media attention in Germany and from across Europe to the USA. In 2022 the first studio album “Mit offenen Augen” was released. 

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