Featured: Artist miah’s new single ‘autumar’

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Just American News is today featuring the new single by artist miah. It is titled “autumar” and is a musical extravaganza. The single starts with heavy bass and riveting vocals by miah. The beats are powerful with a stunning arrangement. The composition is unique with intriguing sound patches.

What miah has achieved in this single is quite unique. The majestic aspect of his music is apparent in autumar. With such powerful beats and amazing melodic tones, it seems music lovers would be looking for more music from this super talented artist.

The single is currently streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud and is gaining widespread attention due to its unique musical arrangement.

According to our sources, miah might release new music anytime or maybe he has planned a full-fledged EP to be released in 2022, who knows? Having said it is a matter of time we might hear something from the artist on his official social media.

About the artist: miah is an 18 year old artist from Miami beach Florida and is known for his music and chart busting song autumar.

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases:

Instagram | SoundCloud

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