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Featured: The Hofners – The French Electronic Music Duo!

Behind all their catchy Electro Pop sound is a part of melancholy and romanticism too.

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The Hofners, the French electronic music duo, is back with an explosive EP released on March 10th. With this project, the Hofners have exploded with their 118 video that was shot in Los Angeles last month with just their phones, with a catchy and very electronic sound that reminds us of the electronic music of the ’80s with synths that transport you and tell you a whole story. But the Catchy Sound of their E.P is on Girls And Boys which is an absolute hit.

With a sample of “I Love You Dancer – Voyage” The Hofners show us how the French touch is not dead. With a bass that takes you back to the ’70s, a guitar that makes you itch and Nassim’s voice that makes you groove. Yannis and Nassim (The Hofners Duo) tell us that it took them 7 months to finalize their sound, starting in their small studio in France in July and finishing in January in the United States. The duo tells us that Girls and Boys is about a story they lived. This music is about friendship and love and that when one of them was close to a girl everyone was friends with him and when he was not, nobody was there for him. Nassim tells us: Behind this music and its lyrics there is a real story that we lived this summer with Yannis. But behind all that the duo tells us very clearly that in all their sounds there is always a part of the personal story as in their 1st E.P “Dreamwork” on the sound “Fringe Girl” where they tell a love story that ended too early and that they were so sorry that it ended.

Behind all their catchy Electro Pop sound is a part of melancholy and romanticism which we find incredible for this young duo of 18 and 19 years old. Let us assure you that they have outstanding potential and will make everyone talk about them in the next months.

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