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Featured: Béranger & Zahran’s debut EP ‘Kaleidoscope’ Promises to Surge in the Music Scene

Kaleidoscope has a magnetic pull that leaves listeners spellbound.

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Just American News is today featuring a truly sensational EP titled Kaleidoscope. The EP has the potential to resonate deeply within the music world. Its powerful composition and artistry hint at an exciting new tide in the auditory landscape. It is crafted by the collaborative genius of artists Béranger & Zahran. Opening with “La Rua Madureira,” the EP sets a tone of soft, evocative vibes that gently envelop the listener. The vocals are rich with a scintillating resonance, complemented by an ecstatic piano whose vibrant arrangements pulse with life.

“Black Nile” emerges as yet another gem within the EP, boasting terrific lyricism woven into a mesmerizing arrangement. The transitions are delicately subtle yet pack a profound punch, as the guitars layer in, invoking a mood that’s uniquely stirring.

With “Just The Way You Are,” the EP takes an inventive turn, embedding a smooth, experimental essence within its core. Here, vocals and piano merge in perfect harmony, underscored by improvisations and rhythms that are as smooth as they are compelling.

Overall, Kaleidoscope has a magnetic pull that leaves listeners spellbound. The tinge of Latin American and Afro-American sounds makes it an addictive combination. Béranger’s musical prowess shines through, crafting soundscapes that enchant, while Zahran’s vocals are a siren song to the soul, leaving a lasting imprint long after the last note has faded.

Stream Kaleidoscope which is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Born from a musical encounter nearly 10 years ago in Lyon, the duo develops dynamic music with diverse influences. Tinged with French chanson, and soul, reminiscent of the New York scene, Beranger & Zahran captivates its audience in an intimate atmosphere. The duo, enhanced by guitarist Emmanuel Dhorne, advocates for a contemporary and alternative jazz, following in the footsteps of Robert Glasper, Melody Gardot, and Stacey Kent. Their first EP, ‘Kaleidoscope’, has been released on November 10, 2023. This EP, deeply influenced by Latin American and Afro-American sounds, highlights the art of improvisation and the subtlety of the pianist, trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

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