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“Full of Love”; a Happy-Sad-Ending Story

The song is available on YouTube and all digital music platforms.

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Indonesia-based singer and songwriter, Eric Sibarani, has released a new single, Full of Love.

Full of Love is the final storyline of the earlier two other released singles, Holding On dan Tentang Rasa (About a Feeling). The song tells us about a story of a man who was stuck in a friend zone with a woman who happened to be his best friend. Unexpectedly, the woman experienced the same feeling.

This man had sincere and loving feelings for the woman, but he couldn’t express it and finally decided to keep his love for five years and ended up just being her friend. Besides, he also harbored jealousy because the woman finally decided to become the man’s close friend’s partner.

When the man was finally able to express the love that he had always been hiding, the woman did not answer it directly. Instead, she wrote the answer on flying lanterns, which made the man unable to know the answer.

This song has a happy yet sad ending. When the man was finally able to express his love that he has always been hiding, the woman of his dreams does not answer it directly but writes the answer through a flying lantern, which makes this man unable to know the answer.

Eric released this sad-nuanced single, which is more touching and deeper than the previous two singles. Still, with pop-modern Acoustic as his trademark, the experience is poured by the author in lyrics and songs that will make every listener feel the same feeling.

This song only took three days to write. Starting from simple lyrics and inspired by the author’s own love experience.

“I had no intention to make a sequel from “Holding On” to “Tentang Rasa” which was about a friendzone story. I had no idea why but it just went like that… The lyrics went too deep and went that way, I didn’t know why. Maybe it was because of my personal experience, I guess. During the production process, I had a lot of conversations with Chandra Erin from Jejak Digital Records about the concept and the arrangement.

When “Full of Love” was produced by Jejak Digital Records and our decision to make this a sequel happened, I was thinking about making the music video with the same woman from “Tentang Rasa” music video. The reason is that I think it will get the sad atmosphere more and the fans will get the sad feeling deeper. But for some reason, the woman couldn’t make it and we had to rearrange the concept for the music video.”, said Eric.

Eric’s most favorite part of this song is the bridge part, which goes like,

“Rain never knows what it’s falling for,
But my tears know who it falls for
You know it’s always fall for you
I can’t believe how it feels
5 years feels so very short
As long as there is hope
I’m still fighting alone..”

The recording and production process of Full of Love including vocals, instruments, mixing and mastering is assisted by producer Chandra Eric from Jejak Digital Records. The song is available on YouTube and all digital music platforms.

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