The Borealis Effect

Recommended Reading: ‘The Borealis Effect’ by MJ Chance

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Just American News is today featuring author MJ Chance’s upcoming book The Borealis Effect.

“Writing something every day is how I encompass both routine and practice. But my enthusiasm is sustained through the process by the main character’s arc.” – MJ Chance.

About the book: Once an FBI Analyst, Kat Danvers hoped her desk job would shield her from the traumas of her past. But a harrowing call from a forgotten witness drags her back into the fray. With a cryptic lead, ‘Borealis’—a mysterious, liquid metal appearing from nowhere to seize its victims—and her old partner, the compelling Agent Nick, Kat battles both tangible dangers and personal demons. As the plot thickens and her bond with Nick deepens, the stakes rise. In this thrilling mix of mystery and sci-fi, Kat confronts an enigmatic threat and her own haunted history. Dive into a suspenseful journey of danger, romance, and the unexplained.

MJ Chance holds degrees in both Environmental Engineering and Information Technology. In her leisure time, she delves into the world of arcade cabinets and pinball machines, both building and repairing them. As a mother to four children, her home is a whirlwind of creativity and entertainment—from constructing intricate Lego structures and indulging in imaginative dress-ups to battling it out in various video games. Her profound affinity for technology is perfectly balanced by her passion for the great outdoors; when not behind a computer screen, MJ can be spotted surfing the Californian coast.

The book is now available for preorder on Amazon: The Borealis Effect

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