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Talent News: Q&A with Rising Actress Malikah Pinder!

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Malikah Pinder is a versatile actress and singer in the film industry with experience in both theater and film! Malikah is originally from the Bahamas and currently resides in the heart of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles, California. Malikah has studied acting and is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and has recently starred in five films! Read more about our Q&A with Malikah Pinder:

Malikah do you have any special shoutouts in both film and theater?

Malikah Pinder: I want to shout out other Bahamian creatives working hard to get themselves out there in this ever-competitive industry! I pray that God continues to grant me the drive to keep on going.

How would you explain your year so far in one word?

Malikah Pinder: GROWTH.

What has been one of your favorite things to do in LA?

Malikah Pinder: I love going to The Grove and The Farmer’s Market. The atmosphere is so relaxing at The Grove and my favorite restaurant in LA is at The Farmer’s Market! 

You are a singer as well! How would you explain your singing genre, and do you plan on releasing new music soon?

Malikah Pinder: I grew up singing in the church. That turned into singing at weddings and special events on my island, which then turned into much larger, more international stages. I’d say my style is mostly classical since I am also classically trained. I really enjoy singing in musical theater, but I also enjoy many other genres like Jazz and R&B. I’m a belter, but I am also known to have a soft tone. I have been a writer since elementary school. I can still remember most of the songs I wrote 20 years ago. However, I am still searching for the right connections in terms of producing my music professionally. There are some songs I’ve written that I think might be better suited for other artists, and I am looking into pitching them. 

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