Featured: Artist Jay Kaelin aka redrapbeat’s stunning new single ‘Plastic Sweet Heart’

The single is now streaming on Spotify!

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Artist Jay Kaelin also known as redrapbeat’s latest single titled Plastic Sweet Heart is a sublime creation with an ethereal touch. We were granted a special sneak peek—or should we say, sneak listen—into the track and found ourselves captivated by its dynamic journey. The intro is mellow, ushering us into a unique musical realm. Power-packed beats lead to seamless transitions, culminating in a brilliant arrangement that fuses an orchestral essence with electronic elements. Such genre-blending is no mean feat, yet Jay masterfully harmonizes them to deliver a spellbinding auditory experience. The synths are deliberately aligned, and the melody is meticulously designed to stir a sensational sonic landscape.

We were thoroughly impressed and highly recommend this single, now available for streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Jay Kaelin, also known as redrapbeat, is a music producer and digital artist based in Indonesia. Previously a filmmaker, Jay has worked with several indie film production houses in Indonesia and was nominated for the National Film Festival and won two Local Film Festival award. His talent for storytelling allows him to bring his creative ideas to a wider audience through music. He was trained with professionals across multiple genres, including electronic, orchestra, hip-hop, pop, and lo-fi. His first foray into music was as a rhythm guitarist for a local band called Casey Stories, which disbanded after two years of performing. He transitioned to music production and began creating his own music.

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