Secu Young

R&B Artist Secu Young to release his new single soon!

After critically acclaimed single's Timeless and Dazed, the artist announces yet another single!

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Just American News is today featuring artist Secu Young’s upcoming single. Titled Lost in the Jungle, the single is truly splendid with an enthralling intro. The mellow beats and gripping vocals certainly mesmerizes us. And add to that the raw yet poignant delivery by Secu Young. He does have an ability to brim each word with exquisite emotions that are hard to evoke! Music lovers have definitely experienced the artistic caliber of Secu Young in his single’s Timeless and Dazed that were released recently.

However, with Lost in the Jungle the artist is trying to achieve a new and a deeper artistic expression that might get converted into a “Secu Young signature style” soon.

Keep an eye on his official social media for updates about his new music release:

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About the artist: Secu Young, is a fifteen-year music industry veteran. After his critically acclaimed single’s Timeless and Dazed he has announced his upcoming single Lost in the Jungle.

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