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Recommended Reading: Born to Rise by Lorna Blake!

Lorna Blake is an international Motivational Speaker, Author & Success Coach.

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Just American News is today sharing Lorna Blake’s new book. It is titled Born To Rise: A Journey From Setbacks To Comebacks and Lessons Learned. Lorna’s latest work is her first autobiography account that details her early upbringing, life lessons learned through major life setbacks, and the exhilaration experienced in defying the odds.

The book is now available on www.smsnovel.com

“My book chronicles my personal journey from major life setbacks to comebacks and some of the lessons I have learned along the way. It’s where I allow myself to rise up, freeing myself from the voices of fear and shame from my past to claim my brighter future while being of service to others.” – Lorna Blake.

About the author: Lorna Blake is an international Motivational Speaker, Author & Success Coach. She was born to a poor teenage mom on her grand-parents farm in rural Jamaica. During her early years she experienced poverty, abandonment & abuse. At age 19 she boarded a plane on her own and moved to Canada where she struggled for several years to find herself and her life’s purpose. Her passion for helping others has led her to live and work in five different countries where she’s taught, coached and inspired thousands from many cultures and walks of life. Her compelling story of confronting the truth of her paternity was featured in an anthology and a film/documentary of the same name which played in select theaters in 2019. Her latest book is titled Born to Rise: A Journey From Setbacks To Comebacks & Lessons Learned. Lorna is the mother of two sons. She lives in Florida with her soulmate.

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